Our Strategy

With the continual expansion and globalization of real estate, there will be opportunities within a wider range of sub-sectors and having local knowledge is critical to Baggia and Verona’s global strategy. Thus, with support from our partners, our vision is to expand globally. With our strategic partners, our portable structure is designed to provide attractive opportunities to a global audience.
With the ultimate goal of becoming a global REIT issuer, we offer our end users diversification within the real estate sector.

Our global strategy is based upon providing diversification in three market segments: Residential, Commercial and Leisure.
This diversified approach enables Verona to offset the market variances in each sector to create sustained value, income and growth opportunities across the globe in a structured, efficient, and regulated manner.

Our experienced team has a diversified approach that enables us to offset variances in each sector of the real estate market (commercial, residential, and leisure). Utilizing a thorough, thoughtful, and continuous analysis of each market segment, we create sustained value, income and growth

Commercial Property Acquisitions and Developments offers income and growth or the potential for future development to achieve greater profits.

Leisure Property Acquisitions and Developments
Is an emerging asset class in a niche market that
has the potential for income and capital gains.

Residential Property Acquisitions and Developments
Offers long term growth opportunities in residential markets that are characterized by key factors, such as economic, employment and population growth.